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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Working my Way to Bradley!

Milton Bradley is being pursued by Nats! Hmmmm...that would change many things. He would go to center.....Lasting to Left.....Dukes to Right?
Willingham to first.


Mr. Johnson it looks like your days are numbered!

Let the Bowden turn!

If Dunn comes then what?

The thought has cross my mind if Mr. Dunn comes to DC. Mr. Johnson to Oakland? Who plays first? Willingham or Dunn? A more of a concern is who will be the defensive wise at first for close late inning games?


I wonder? Ohhhh I wonder? Damn you Mr. Teixeira!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What in the Dodger?

The news that the Dodgers might be pursuing Mr. Dunn might lead the Nationals down the.....

Ohhh Manny Ohh Manny Road.

Mr. Bowden might be dialing up Mr. Wild Hair......Stay tuned!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Who would be on the club if I was the man on 12/29/08

These are the players I would have on the team if I was in Mr. Acta shoes....
Scorecard numbers please:

Regulars (8)
2- Flores
3. Johnson
4- Hernandez
5- Zimmerman
6- Guzman
7- Willingham
8- Milledge
9- Dukes

My Starters (5)-
1- Olsen (L), Lannan (L), Cabrera (R), Hill (R) and Balester (R).
Relievers (5)-
1- Chico (L), Hinkley (L), Mock (R). Rivera (R), and Hanrahan (R)

Bench (7)-
2- Nieves
3- Young
3,4,5, and 6- Belliard
4,5, and 6- Gonzalez
4,5,6,7,8 and 9-Harris
7,8 and 9-Patterson and Kearns

Batting Order:
1) Milledge

First Take!

I am orginally a Yankee fan from NH. I have lived in the DC area since 2002 and started making the Washington Nationals MY team in 2005.

I will put thoughs on my impressions on how the Nats are doing. I hope you enjoy! Go Nats!