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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nats Drop one to the Cards 9-2

The Nats lost to the Cards 9-2 with unimpressed performances by Cabrera and Detwiler. The Nats bats also were MIA today in the lost.

The box score link is

The Nats are 2-2 this spring.

Tomorrow game is versus the Orioles in Viera.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Nats gets Second Win of the Spring!

Nats get their second win of the Spring with a 2-0 win over the Astros!

Here is the box score:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nats Win! First Spring Training Win of the Season versus the Tigers!

Hello Nats Fans!

The Nats got their first spring training win vs the Tigers today! The score was 2-1!

Here is the link of the box score:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Interesting couple of days in Nats Town!

Hello Nats Fans….

Here what been going on the past couple of days!

We have our first rotation of the year!. The rotation is the following: Lannan, Balester, Hill, Cabrera and Olsen. Good Luck Boys!

We find out that Billy Joel and Sir Elton John are playing at Nationals Park on July 11, 2008. Ohhhhhhh YES! Billy is a great entertainer and Sir Elton has the tightest band I ever seen. I was fortunate to see these two in Boston in 2002!

The Nationals lost their first spring training game to the Astros 6-3. You need to look at the box score to get your own feelings on the game.

Here it is:

The spring training home opener is tomorrow in Viera, Fla!

Pete Orr is going to play for Canada and Saul Rivera is going to play for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic.

Mr. Rijo takes the fall for the scandal of “Sad Face” Lugo. Enrique Rojas might replace Rijo. Mr. Bowden is doing his best magician act! Reports say that Learner family wants him out! Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mr. Milledge showing class

Mr. Milledge I am very impressed. You gave up your number 44 to Mr. Dunn. It looks like I have to change my main picture because of his class!

Poll Results on Mr. Johnson and Mr. Dunn!

Hello Nats Fans...

Fifty percent say that Mr. Johnson will be traded. Stay tuned and lets find out! I hope he stays!

It was also a fifty fifty result on Mr. Dunn. Half of you said Mr. Dunn will play leftfield and half of you said first base! Mr. on!

What a Week!

Hello Nats Fans…

The week started out with a bang!

Talk about catching yourself with your pants down! Yikes!

Esmailyn “Smiley” Gonzalez is really Daniel “Sad Face” Lugo. He got the Nats for 1.4 Million. You got to give the kid his due to fake out Mr. Bowden for the Money! Also he is four years older then we though he was!

I have four questions now:

Can he play?
Do the Nats still want him?

Do the Nats get the Money back?

Is this the beginning of the end for Mr. Bowden?

The nasty word of the week is arbitration!

Mr. Willingham, Mr. Bergman and Mr. Zimmerman all settled before seeing the Arbitration Man!

Will Mr. Bowden look for extensions for any of these players especially Mr. Zimmerman.

I will be perfectly honest I am confused with the Zimmerman situation. Does the front office want Mr. Zimmerman? They put his face out as the face of the franchise but do not want give him security. I will add there has been talks between both parties which have said they are working on a contract which will be completed before opening day!

Another view on this topic does Mr. Zimmerman really want to be with the Nats? Is he refusing an extension? Shhhhhhhhh……lets not hear that, but it could be true.

Food for thought!

Mr. Bowden has handed out a great detail of one year contracts which I like. Players are playing for jobs and a better contract! I believe this is great because that will bring competition to the team this year! Competition will bring focus and focus will bring execution! AMEN!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pay the Man!

Hello Nats Fans....

All I can say is pay the MAN! Pay Mr. Zimmerman. YOU as management said he the the MAN of your organization! If that is the case then pay Mr. Zimmerman the money he is deserved! I love watching him play. I am waiting for his day in AZ so he can get his money and report to Viera!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Training is in Session!

Hello Nats Fans...

Are we all giddy now that baseball is in progress! I know I am!

What we know is very little at this moment.

But we do know that Mr. Perez is not there and to be honest he can stay home and enjoy the DR. Also we know that competition its on its way!

Let's watch and see what will happen! Enjoy the moment and stay in tune!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Competition is the Key in Spring Training!

Hello Nats...

Mr. Bowden has brought a great deal of players into spring training to force competition. The competition then can lead to a trade for another key player.

The competition I believe will be for the following:

1) Corner Outfielders
Subjects: Dunn, Willingham, Kearns , Davis, Bernadina, Patterson and Dukes

2) First Base
Subjects: Dunn and Johnson

3) 2nd Base
Subjects: Hernandez and Belliard

4) Starting Rotation
Subjects: Lannan, Olsen, Hill, Perez, Cabrera, J. Zimmerman Martis, and Balester

5) Bullpen:
Subjects: J.Zimmerman,Perez, Balester, Rivera, Shell,Mock,Chico, Bergmann, O'Connor, Clippard, Colome, Martis Estrada, Hinckley, T. Young and Hanrahan,

6) Bench/Pinch Hitter:
Belliard,Hernandez, Gonzalez, Castro, D. Young, Harris, Kearns/Dukes, and Patterson. (Everyone Else? LOL)

I tell you one thing. It will be exciting for a team that lost 102 games last year. I think it is a great sign! Let spring training come into full swing!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thinking's Man 25 Man Roster on 2.13.09

These are the players I would have on the team if I was Mr. Acta shoes..

Scorecard numbers please:

Regulars (8)

My Starters (5):
1-Olsen(L) 2-Lannan(L) 3-Cabrera(R) 4-Hill(R) 5-Perez(L)

Relievers (6):
1-J.Zimmerman(R) 2-Mock(R) 3-Rivera(R) 4-Hinckley(L) 5-Shell (R) 6-Hanrahan (CL)

Bench (6)
3,4,5 and 6-Belliard
4,5, and6-Gonzalez
4,5,6,7,8 and 9-Harris
7,8, and 9-Dukes

Batting Order:

1) Guzman
2) Johnson
3) R.Zimmerman
4) Dunn
5) Willingham
6) Milledge
7) Flores
8) Hernandez


Regulars and Bench Players:

I believe Mr. Pena and Mr. Kearns are the out men out if Mr. Johnson is not traded. Mr. Dukes goes to right, Willingham goes to left and Mr. Dunn goes to first if Mr. Johnson gets traded.

Batting Order if Mr. Johnson gets traded:


Starters and Relievers:
I believe Mr. J. Zimmeran, Mr. Balester, and Mr. Perez will fight for fifth starter position and a long reliever position. Another thought does Mr. Chico come back as a lefty in the bullpen instead of Mr. Hinckley. Or does Chico and Hinckley both get reliever jobs.

Mr. Johnson who are you? Who Who....

Hello Nats Fans...

Mr. Johnson was voted as the starting first baseman, but the poll went up before Adam Dunn was signed. There are two other polls up at this moment on this topic. It will be seen what will happen. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get your first baseman votes in!

Nats Fans...

Get your votes in on who will start as their first baseman beginning this year. The votes probably will change dramatically with the addition of Mr. Dunn!

Nats Fans you were right!

Hello Nats Fans...

You were right about the the Bargain that Mr. Bowden was holding out for! Eighty percent said Mr. Dunn and you won. Actually the contract is undisclosed at the moment, but we all believe it was more in the Nats favor then Mr. Dunn.

Dunn Deal!

Welcome Mr. Dunn...

Mr. Dunn welcome to Washington! We now have a power left handed bat in our line up. The only down side is that Mr. Johnson will soon to leave. Mr. Johnson said he only wants to start so the writing is on the wall. We have heard numerous reports about the A's and the Nats.

The next question.....

Who will we get for Mr. Johnson and who will be our late inning first baseball for defensive purposes?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

NatsTown...Bring on your Red!

Hello Nats Fans.

I have been hearing about what Mr. Bowden has not done yet. What are we waiting for? Hmmmm? Well to be honest when Mr. Ramirez gets sign then the other Dominos will follow and not until then. After saying that it leads me to this…..

Most of your avid Nats Fan hears about the Nationals new slogan for the 2009 season. NatsTown…Get your Red on!

We can all do one thing regardless on what you feel is the state of our beloved Nats: Embrace Them! Please enjoy that we have a new baseball stadium and a MLB in the AREA.

Come to Nats Town and Get your Red on!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Waiting is the Hardest Part....

Hello Nats Fans...

I know the waiting is so hard for US! I wish Mr. Bowden would tell us if this is the team we will have or we waiting until the day of Pitchers and Catchers to get a Bargain? I believe the Nats are trying the best bang for their buck!

My goodness it is killing us Mr. Bowden! Let's get it on!

Steeler Fan HERE!

Hello Nats Fans!

I am also a diehard Steelers! Thanks for the votes on the Super Bowl Poll! It was a great game! Good to be King for a year! Now it is Pitchers and Catchers Time!