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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nats' slow down Phillies, 4-1.

Scott Olsen picked up his first win of the year by pitching 5 2/3 innings and giving up only one run. Garret Mock, Kip Wells and Julian Tavarez each pitched well in 3 1/3 innings of relief giving up no runs. Tavarez picked up his first save of the year.

The Nats offense was led by Anderson Hernandez's three hits and 2 RBI. Elijah Dukes also had two hits and a RBI. Ryan Zimmerman continue his hitting streak to 18 games. Zimmerman added a RBI.

Yesterday's box score is the following:

The Nats improve to 5-15 and stayed in last place of the NL East.

The Nats come home against the St. Louis Cardinals tonight at 7:05pm. The Nats will have Daniel Cabrera taking on the Cardinals' Mitchell Boggs.

Nats' Notes 4.30.09

Today's Notes:

  • Nats acquire pitcher Logan Kensing from the Florida Marlins for pitcher Kyle Gunderson.
  • Ryan Zimmerman broke his own Nationals' hitting streak record with his 18 game hitting streak. Zimmerman previous record of 17 games was in the 2006 season.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Phillies pound Nats,7-1.

John Lannan was not on top of his game last night. He allowed six runs in 5 innings. He gave up 3 homers to the Phillies in first five innings. Lannan took his third lost of the year.

The Nats offense was lead by Alberto Gonzalez and Adam Dunn who each had two hits apiece. Dunn hit his six homer of the year for the only run for the Nats.

Last night's box score is the following:

The Nats drop to 4-15 and stay in the basement of the NL East.

The Nats finish their series with Phillies in Philadephia by having Scott Olsen talking on Phillies' Brett Myers at 7:05pm.

Nats' Notes4.29.09

Updated Notes:
  • Cristen Guzman is off the DL and Alberto Gonzalez is demoted to Triple A.
  • Wil Ledezma clears waivers and accepts assignment to Triple A.
  • Steven Shell clears waivers and becomes a free agent.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hanrahan is out as Closer

Joel Hanrahan is out as the closer and Garret Mock as the set up man. Bullpen by committee until further notice. I believe that Joe Beimel will make a cast for himself!

Nats' Nuggets 4.28.09

Here are my Nats' Nuggets:
  • Joel Hanrahan is showing he is too inconsistent for the closer role.
  • I have been disappointed in Garret Mock performance.
  • Nick Johnson is looking unbelievable
  • Ryan Zimmerman is hot with his hitting streak and power!
  • The Nats bullpen STINKS! Like you didnt know! LOL
  • The new closer has to be Joe Beimel!

Nats' Notes 4.28.09

The notes from the past week:

  • Dmitri Young is going to Triple A for assignment.
  • Willie Harris is recalled and Justin Maxwell is sent to Triple A.
  • Cristen Guzman is ready to be recalled.
  • Joe Beimel looks to be ready to come back to the team on May 6.
  • The Nats brass are worried about Daniel Cabrera lost of velocity.

Phillies out slug the Nats, 13-11

The Nats fail to hold a 4 run lead in the 8th yesterday against the Phillies. The Nats hit five homers last night, but it was not enough because the pitching allowed two grand slams in the 13-11 lost. Sharion Martis pitched 5 innings, but gave up 7 runs. Mike Hinkley, and Kips Wells did not allow a run in their short relief work. Julian Tavarez did not allow a run, but had a blown save for Martis. The major trouble was by Garret Mock and Joel Hanrahan who both fell apart in the 8th allowing six runs.

The offense was led by Ryan Zimmerman who had two homers and three RBI. Elijah Dukes, Nick Johnson and Adam Dunn also homered for the the Nats.

Yesterday's box score is the following:

The Nats fall to 4-14 and continue to be in last place of the National League East.

The Nats play today at 7:05 in Philadelphia as John Lannan takes on Phillies' Cole Hamels

Monday, April 27, 2009

Poll Outcomes

The two polls I had a very low turn out but still interesting.

Nat fans though Manny would lose his job if he went under 500 this week, but he was 3-3.

Garret Mock won out the vote on the closer.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nats thump the Mets, 8-1.

The Nats had great pitching today in their victory against the Mets,8-1. Jordan Zimmermann gave up only one run in 6 1/3 innings in his second MLB start. Mike Hinckley, Garret Mock and Kip Wells rounded out the day with 2 2/3 innings of scoreless work. The Nats offense was lead by Jesus Flores' three hits including his second homer of the year with 3 RBI. Austin Kearns also added a homer in the fifth. The Nats offense had a total of 13 hits today. The victory was the first road win for the Nats this season.

Today's box score is the following:

The Nats improve to 4-13 and remain in last place of the NL East.

The Nats play tomorrow in Philadelphia at 7:05pm with Shairon Martis taking on the Phillies' Joe Blanton.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The mistake prone Nats lose to Mets, 8-2.

The inconsistent pitching of Daniel Cabrera, the hideous fielding and the lack of timely hitting doomed the Nats today against the Mets, 8-2. Cabrera only pitched 2 1/3 innings giving up 6 runs. He was not helped by the lack of defense by the Nats which committed 3 physical errors, but also had numerous amount of mental errors. The Nats continue to lack the timely hitting against its opponents

The Nats offense did manage nine hits lead by Ryan Zimmerman, Elijah Dukes and Anderson Hernandez who each had two hits apiece. Dukes also had 2RBI.

Today's box score is the following:

The Nats drop to 3-13 and stay in last place in the NL East.

Tomorrow's game is at 1:10pm in New York with Jordan Zimmermann taking on the Mets' Oliver Perez.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nats score late, but lose to Mets, 4-3

Jesus Flores hit a two run homer off Mets' closer Francisco Rodriguez in the ninth, but it was not enough in a lost to the Mets, 4-3.. Nick Johnson also had a solo homer in the game against Mets' starter Johan Santana.

The Nats' starting was solid tonight. Scott Olsen pitched six innings and only gave up 3 runs which only two were earned. The bullpen thou gave up one more run which turned out to doom the Nats tonight.

Tonight's box score is the following:

The Nats dropped to 3-12 and continued to be in last place of the National League East. The Nats have lost seven straight road games.

Tomorrow's game is at 1:10pm with Daniel Cabrera takes on the Mets' Mike Pelfrey in New York.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey I got Lucky!

I did mention that Alex Cintron might get some playing time in my Nats' Nuggets 4.10.09 because of the poor play by Alberto Gonzalez. Cintron started last night due to the slumping Gonzalez.

The Braves walk away with win against the Nats, 1-0.

Mike Hinckley had trouble with his control in the 9th to walk in the only run of the game against the Braves last night. The Nats overall had a great starting pitching performance by John Lannan. He pitched 7 scoreless innings. Garret Mock took the lost by being charged the only run in the game.

The offense had trouble last night with timely hitting. The offense was lead by Nick Johnson's two hits.

Last night's box score is the following:

The Nats drop to 3-11 and continue to be in last place in the National League East.

The Nats next game is tomorrow in New York against the Mets. Scott Olsen takes on the Mets' Johan Santana. The game starts at 7:10pm.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Your past will influence your future"

I have a take on the whole Elijah Dukes' fine and benching for helping out a local Little League organization in Northern Virginia. Dukes was fined and benched on Saturday for being five minutes to National Park. The Northern Virginia community raised the money to pay for Dukes' fine.

Dukes has a long history of trouble before he came to the Nationals and his past is catching up with him. But Dukes also had an incident last year with the Nats for being late. I am not surprise that the Nats disciplined Elijah Dukes for being late. I personally stand behind management for the fine and benching of Dukes . I must admit I was surprised by the stern waring the Nationals gave Dukes about Triple A demotion if tardiness happened again. But the Nationals feel at this point it is important to send a message to the young man.

The Nats are very please Dukes wants to give back to the community by giving up his time for a good cause, but his time management must be better. The Nats are changing the mentally of the current losing culture. No one is above the team and your accountability is the utmost importance.
Dukes took his benching and is playing unbelievable. I believe that it is a good sign. I also have to believe the warning of demotion is a great motivator.

I believe the reaction by the local Northern Virginia community on Dukes' fine and benching were two folded. The first message was bad. You as a community should not be shocked that organizations such as the Nationals have rules. A rule is a rule and if you are late by five minutes then you are still late. You as a community should not be appalled by that message, but rather supporting responsibility and the accountability. The second message was good. I believe the payment of the fine that was raised by the community was admirable because they felt that Dukes was there for them then they should be there for Dukes.

The reports I heard about the money that was payed by the Northern Virgina community will be donated like all fines by players to those in need.

Nats' Nuggets 4.22.09

Here are my nuggets today:

  • I must admit that Joel Hanrahan has mettle. He came back from two terrible outings. He was on the verge on losing his closer job and he came through. The latest save was a difficult one by his own doing, but he still got the job done.
  • Nick Johnson is still RED HOT in the two hole!
  • I feel for Joe Beimel! He left off what he did for the LA Dodgers and the poor guy got injured.
  • Ryan Zimmerman is finally staying around!
  • Adam Dunn is a Monster with the bat. The man can work the count and HIT!
  • Elijah Dukes is a player if he stays on the field.
  • I believe if the pitching can straighten itself out then the Nats can make it tough for the other NL East teams. But by no way are the NATS contenders
  • The starting pitching is coming around. The back end of the rotation has the victories this year.
  • Be a FAN! Please do not be a fair weather fan. Please be patience, judge constructively and root HARD for the NATS!

Nats makes it two in a row as they beat the Braves, 4-3

The Nats score four unanswered runs to beat the Braves at National Park, 4-3. Sharion Martis got his second victory of the year by pitching 6 innings and giving up only 3 runs. Martis got help from Mike Hinckley, Julian Tavarez and Joel Hanrahan. It was Hanrahan second save of the year.

The Nats' offense had nine different men get hits. The hits were highlighted in the 6th inning by Adam Dunn's monster 4th homer of the year and Josh Willingham pinch hit RBI.

Yesterday's box score is the following:

The Nats improve to 3-10 and remain in last place of the National League East.

Today's game is the last of the nine game home stand. John Lannan will take on Braves' Jair Jurrjens at 7:05pm.

Nats' Notes 4.22.09

Nats' Notes:

  • Joe Beimel was put on the 15 day DL due to a leg injuy.
  • Saul Rivera will replace him from Triple A
  • Cristen Guzman and Willie Harris should be back next during the Philly series

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nats stop streak and beat the Braves, 3-2

Jordan Zimmermann turns out to be the stopper of the Nats three game losing streak in his first MLB start . He pitched 6 innings and only gave up 2 runs. Kip Wells, Joe Beimel, Garret Mock and Joel Hanrahan closed out the deal for Zimmermann. It was Hanrahan first save of the young season.

The offense was lead by Elijah Dukes and Jesus Flores who each had two hits apiece. Flores also had two RBI.

Yesterday box score is the following:

The Nats improve to 2-10 and still remain last in the National League East.

Today's game is versus the Braves at Nationals Park. Shairon Martis will take on the Braves' Kenshin Kawakami at 7:05pm.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nats' Nuggets (I got Nuggets!) 4.19.09

Hello Nats' Fans and today's Nuggets:

  • Elijah Dukes better get a grip being on time with the Nats or he will playing with Lasting Milledge in Syracuse!
  • Austin Kearns name has come up with the Yankees due to Yankee's injured Xavier Nady. I am not sure what the Yankees have for pitching in the farm. I would rather give up Josh Willingham because Kearns can play defense. I believe we cannot trade defense at this point. Kearns also has a bigger contact then Willingham. (NEVER an issue with the Yankees.)
  • The Nationals name has come up with Mark Mulder 's return to the Majors. I am sure Acting GM Mike Rizzo is trying to get as much pitching he can get on his hands!
  • Alberto Gonzalez might be playing himself out of a starting job while Cristen Guzman's on the DL. Gonzalez has four errors this weekend. I would not be surprise that Manny puts Alex Cintron in the starting line-up.
  • Nick Johnson is loving the two hole. The Man is on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Adam Dunn just gets on base. It great to know that we finally have a threat in the four hole!
  • Baseball can be a very cruel game! You are what you are! The Nats are 1-10, but the Nats had the opportunity to win the home opener and all the games verus the Marlins. The record would be 5-6 if the pitching and defense did their job. The game of mere misses put the Nats in a GIGANTIC HOLE.
  • The new bullpen might have a new closer? Jason Bergmann or Garrett Mock might be in the running! The bullpen watch is on!
  • I have a gut instinct if Manny did not make a change with his bullpen then he would not have a job. I do not believe that takes Manny off the hot seat. I also believe he needs to go 500 this week to keep his job. I love Manny, but this is a buisness. Lets see if Manny keeps his job.

Nats' Notes 4.19.09 UPDATED

The major notes for today:

  • Ryan Zimmerman's has a contact extention. Zimmerman will get 5 years for 45 million dollars.
  • Josh Bard and Saul Rivera were sent to Triple A.
  • Wil Ledezma and Steven Shell are designated for assignment.
  • Garrett Mock and Jason Bergmann are recalled from Triple A.
  • Jordan Zimmermann and Kip Wells are selected from Triple A.

Marlins comeback again! Beat Nats, 7-4

The Nats for the third time gave up a lead in the ninth inning to lose to the Marlins, 7-4. The Nats had decent outing from Daniel Cabrera. He pitched five innings and gave up two runs. But once again the Nats' bullpen let up the winning runs. Mike Hinckley gave up a homer to Cody Ross in the 8th to tie up the game. The Nats got that run in the bottom of the inning, but only to have Saul Rivera to give up 4 runs in the ninth to lose, 7-4.

The Nats offense was lead by Nick Johnson, Adam Dunn, and Austin Kearns who each had two hits apiece.

Today's box score is the following:

The Nats drop to 1-10 and last place in the National League East.

The Nats next game is tomorrow at Nationals Park versus the Atlanta Braves. Jordan Zimmerman will make his MLB debut versus the Braves' Derek Lowe at 7:05pm.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nats Notes 4.18.09 Part B

More Notes for today:
  • Roger Bernadina was injured today and was placed on the 15 day DL.
  • Justin Maxwell was called up to replace Bernadina.
  • Eljiah Dukes was benched for violating a team rule.
  • Zimmerman is getting close to a long term deal.

A downer in DC! Nats lose 9-6.

The Nats lost their second heartbreaker in a row to the Florida Marlins in 11 innings, 9-6. Joel Hanrahan blew his second save of the year in the 9th inning. The blown save gave Scott Olsen a no decision after pitching seven innings and giving up three runs.

The Nats lead by Austin Kearns grand slam in the second inning. Kearns had four RBI today. Ryan Zimmerman and Nick Johnson both had two hits a piece.

Today's box score is the following:

The Nats dropped to 1-9 which is the worst record in the MLB. They are in last place of the National League East.

The Nats wrap up their series with the Marlins tomorrow at Nationals Park. Daniel Cabrera takes on the Marlins' Chris Volstad at 1:35pm.

Dukes win poll!

Nats' fan you knew it before we knew it! Elijah Dukes beat out Lasting Milledge as a starting center fielder in our poll. The poll was put before Lasting Milledge was optioned out! Great Job! The vote was 100 percent Dukes!

Nats Notes' 4.18.09

Today's Notes:

  • Cristan Guzman goes on the 15 DL due to his hamstring.
  • Alex Cintron will replace Guzman.
  • Ryan Zimmerman is closing on a deal for an extension.

Nats lose heartbreaker in ten against the Fish, 3-2.

The Nats could not make it two in a row. The Nats had a 2-1 lead on the Marlins heading into the 9th inning, but Joel Hanrahan gave up a tying homer to Cody Ross. The Fish would then score again in the 10th inning to beat the Nats 3-2.

John Lannan by far had his best game of the year. He only gave up one run in his 6 1/3 innings pitched. Julian Tavarez, Mike Hinckly, and Joel Biemel then set up the game in the 7th and 8th inning for Hanrahan in the 9th. Saul Rivera gave up the winning run in the 10th.

The Nats offense was lead by Alberto Gonzalez with three hits. But he could not come up with another hit in the 10th to tie the game with two outs and a runner on on second base.

Yesterday's box score is the following:

The Nats dropped to 1-8 and stay in last place of the National League East.

The Nats next game is today versus the Marlins at Nationals Park. The game starts at 1:05pm. It is Scott Olsen versus the Marlins' Josh Johnson.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Second Home Game Pictures!

Hi All...

I have some pictures from Thursday game versus the Phillies. Nats win! Nats win! Enjoy!

Nats Nuggets' 4.17.09- Revised

My Nuggets from today:

  • Adam Dunn's homer was the longest I ever witness live at a ball game!
  • Elijah Dukes is the real deal. He will make the most of his playing time if he can stay focus with his job.
  • I would like to see Josh Willingham to get more ABs! It was so nice to see his homer last night. He would kill the Nats when he was a Marlin.
  • Shairon Martis was sight for sore eyes last night!
  • The defensive had their best complete game last night!
  • Anderson Hernandez is going to sneak up on people! I believe he will be the best new comer for the Nats this year. I define "newcomer" by playing a whole year.
  • Let Cristin Guzman heal and let Alberto Gonzalez do his thing. I believe is a strong back up for the Nats.
  • The Nats won in their Alternative Blue home uniforms......will they continue to wear them until they lose? Baseball players are superstitious creatures!

Nats Notes 4.17.09

The Notes from today:
  • Cristin Guzman was available last night for emergency pinch hitting.
  • Ronnie Belliard has recovered from his back problems.
  • Joel Hanrahan was going to pitch last night regardless to get some work.

Bang! Zoom! Go the Nats' Bats!

The Nats got their first win of the year with a 8-2 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.I was so fortunate I was there last night! The starting pitching was great with Shairon Martis with his 6 1/3 innings of 2 run ball. The relievers of Mike Hinckley, Joe Biemel, and Joel Hanrahan shut down the Phillies the rest of the way.

The offense was lead by Nick Johnson with his three hits. Adam Dunn, Josh Willingham, Elijah Dukes, and Alberto Gonzalez each hit homered in the game. Dunn's shot was a moon shot.

Yesterday's box scores is the following:

The Nats improved to 1-7 and are still in last place of the National League East.

Tonight's game is a rematch of opening day starters against the Florida Marlins at Nationals Park. It is John Lannan versus Marlins' Ricky Nolasco. The game stars at 7:05pm

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nats' Notes 4.15.09

Here are today's notes:

  • Today's game is called off due to the rainy weather.
  • Shairon Martis will pitch tomorrow
  • Roger Bernidina was called up
  • Leonard Davis was outrighted to Double A. He is removed from the 40 man roster.
  • Cristan Guzman is day to day with his strain hamstring.
  • Jackie Robinson Day will be held at another time this year due to the rain out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Great Opening Day at Nationals Park!

My family and I had a great opening day experience. I believe the Nationals did a great job making yesterday a family friendly environment. The place was packed and people were into the game! I must admit I did not enjoy the outcome of the game, but the game itself was entertaining. I love that fact we have a baseball team in DC and I do enjoy my stay at Nationals Park. I have added pictures from yesterday's game!

Nats Nugggets 4.14.09

My Nuggets for today:

  • Lasting (Milledge) did not last long this season. I think it is a great message that he is sent down to the minors. Lasting need to work on his game and Elijah needs to play. I cannot wait to watch Elijah to play every day!
  • I am very concern on Cristan Guzman hamstring. He is hitting the ball so well! We are no longer very deep in our middle infielders. We already have Ronnie Belliard day-to-day and Willie Harris on the 15 day DL. Alberto Gonzalez make the most of your chance!
  • Julian Tavarez and who else is going to pitch for the National's bullpen. I believe if the bullpen can do their job then the Nats will be competitive in more game. Our starting pitching is at best mediocre.

Nats Notes 4.14.09

The Notes for today:

  • Lasting Milledge was sent down to Triple A today. The move will likely give Elijah Dukes a spot in the starting line-up.
  • Cristan Guzman is day to day due to his sore hamstring.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nats' Nuggets 4.13.09

My Nats' Nuggets for today:

  • The mental and physical errors are hurting the Nats in the worst way. The combination of errors, hit batters or the lack of hustle is just leading the Nats down the dark dungeon of despair.
  • Eight runs should be enough to win a game! I think we heard this one before!
  • Elijah Dukes is a starter on this team. He is doing great at the plate and in the field. Manny needs to find him a place in the starting line up every day!
  • Adam Dunn can hit, but cannot field! Ahhhhh....but didn't we already knew this about him! I think fans should shut up!
  • Nationals Park was great today! My family and I had a great time today! Pictures will be coming!
  • I want to thank Phillies' President David Montgomery for his will to have the Phillies to play the game today with the sad news of the death of Harry Kalas. I agree with him that Mr. Kalas would want the game to go on.

Nats' Notes 4.13.09

The Nats' Notes for today are the following:

  • Willie Harris is put on the 15 DL and Anderson Hernandez replaces him on the roster.
  • The Phillies' great radio announcer Harry Kalas passed away today at National Park. He was 73.
  • Cristan Guzman hurt his hamstring on his fifth hit of the day.

Nats' comeback falls short in lost to the Phillies, 9-8.

The formula of catch up is not working for the Nats. The Nats first came back from a 4-3 deficit to tie the game,4-4, in the fifth on Elijah Dukes first homer of the year. The Nats gave up five runs in the 7th and 8th innings combined only to lose 9-8 despite Adam Dunn's and Ryan Zimmerman's homers.

The pitchers of Daniel Cabrera, Saul Rivera, and Wil Ledezma gave up the Nats nine runs. The pitchers of Julian Tavarez, Mike Hinckley and Joe Biemel did not surrender a run.

The offense did have a great day. Cristen Guzman lead the team with five hits! Guzman, Dukes, Dunn and Zimmerman each had two RBI apiece.

Today's box scores is the following:

The Nats dropped to 0-7 and are still cellar dwellers in the National League East.

The Nats next game is against the Phillies on Wednesday at Nationals Park. The game is at 7:05pm. Shairon Martis will take on the Phillies' Joe Blanton.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ohhh Mr. President where did you go?

I am very disappointed that President Obama will not be at opening day tomorrow against the Phillies. He is bucking tradition that dates back to 1910 with the President throwing out the first pitch at Washington's home opener. I hear from Washington's TV media reports that the President is too busy planning on next foreign trip. But something does not add up to me. First, tomorrow is the White House Easter Egg Roll in the morning(A Traditon!). Second, the World Champions Philies (A Tradition)are visiting that same busy President on Tuesday.

It seems that the President is too busy for the Nats' but not for others. He might not be doing it on purpose, but it sure looks like it!

The Nationals have reported that the White House has not confirm that he is not coming and are taking the "wait and see" attitude.

Nats' Nuggets 4.12.09

Here are my nuggets of today:
  • The pitchers are not consistent. They are performing at a very low level. The opponent's two out hits are the the number one downfall of the team.
  • The Nats lack attention to detail. The Nats' give up uncontested 90 feet all to often! For example, Braves' Brian McCann steals 2nd base without being held at first and McCann would later score.
  • Five runs should win you a game!
  • Tomorrow is the home opener! The game starts at 3:05pm and the center field gate opens at 12:30pm. Cheer on the Nats to their FIRST victory of the year! See you there!

Nats' Notes 4.12.09

The following is the notes of the day:

  • Willie Harris injured his oblige muscle while turing a double play in the first inning.

Nats drop to 0-6 with a 8-5 lost to the Braves

The Braves outlasted the Nats today 8-5 in Atlanta. Nats' start Scott Olsen had a great first three innings, but gave up five runs in the next two innings of work. The bullpen of Steven Shell and Wil Ledezma gave of three runs in their 2.1 innings of work. Saul Rivera also worked in relief by not giving up a run in 2/3 of an innings.

The Nats' offense which had five runs was lead by Elijah Dukes who had 2 hits and 3 RBI. Cristen Guzman and Adam Dunn also had two hits apiece.

Today's box score is the following:

The Nats drop to 0-6 and continue to stay in last place in the National League East. They are five games behind the Braves and Marlins.

The Nats' home opener is tomorrow at Nationals Park against the World Champions Phillies. The game start tomorrow with Daniel Cabrera versus the Phillies' Jamie Moyer.

Braves comeback and beat the Nats, 5-0.

The Nats blew a three to nothing lead and lost to the Braves for their fifth straight lost of the young season. The Nats scored one run in the first with an RBI single by Nick Johnson. Ryan Zimmerman hit his first homer of the season with a runner aboard in the third. The Nats offense was lead by Cristen Guzman's two hits.

The Nats' starter John Lannan had a decent outing until he gave up three two out runs to the Braves in the fourth. Lannan did eat up six innings for that Nats. Julian Tavarez pitched one inning of scoreless relief. Also closer Joel Hanrahan was able to get an inning worth or work, but he gave up one run.

Yesterday's box score is the following:

The Nats dropped to 0-5 and continue to be in last place in the National League East .

The Nats will finish their road trip with thier game today versus the Braves in Atlanta. The game starts at 1:30pm. It will be Scott Olsen versus the Braves' Jair Jurrjens.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nats' Nuggets 4.11.09

My thoughts as they stand today!

  • 0-4 is 0-4. I am feeling Adam Dunn's frustration! But I must admit he wants to win and he is showing passion! Good for him!
  • Leaving 16 men on base equals a lost no matter how you cut it!
  • What a bummer with Ejiah Dukes getting hurt on the last play in last nigths game. He had a good game.
  • Lasting Milledge might have cost his team a victory with his base path mistake in the second inning on Ryan Zimmerman's double.
  • I must say Charlie Slowes and Dave Jaegler Rock!

Nats' Notes 4.11.09

Notes for 4.11.09:

  • Ronnie Belliard and Elijah Dukes are both day to day. Belliard from the Marlins series. Dukes injured himself on the last play of the game versus the Braves last night
  • Ron Villone was signed to minor league contact and will report to Triple A.
  • Nats' are interested in Chad Gaudin who was recently released by the Chicago Cubs.
  • The Washington Times reported that President Obama will not throw out the first pitch on Monday, but Nats' President Stan Kastan still remains optimistic.

Nats lose rain delayed heartbreaker in the 10th to the Braves, 5-4.

The Nats twice came back versus the Braves to lose 5-4 in the tenth inning of a relayed game. The Nats first came back from a 4-1 defecit and then a 5-4 defecit only to lose in the tenth.

The Nats offense was lead by Ejiah Dukes three hits. Ryan Zimmerman, Cristan Guzman, and Lasting Milledge all had two hits apiece. Zimmerman lead the Nats with two RBI.

The Nats' starter Shairon Martis who gave up three runs only pitched only three innings due to the rain delay. Wil Ledezma gave up one run in 1 and 2/3 innings. The pitchers of Julian Tavarez, Steven Shell, and Mike Hinckley gave up no runs in 1 and 1/3 innings. Saul Riveria gave up one running in his two inning of relief. Joe Biemel took the lose in his 1 and 1/3 innings of work.

Yesterday box score is the following:

The Nats drop to 0-4 and last place in the National League East.

The Nats next game is today versus the Braves in Atlanta. The game starts at 7:00 pm. It will be John Lannan versus the Braves' Kenshin Kawakami.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nats' Nuggets 4.9.09

My thoughts on the Nats today:
  • Good Riddance to the Florida Marlins! They do love playing the Nats. YIKES!
  • The offense has shown life, but the starting pitchers need to get a grip!
  • Derek Lowe looked great versus the Phillies on opening day. The Nats will have to be focused!
  • Manny has a great faith in Lasting Milledge. I hope Lasting finally pays him back with some numbers.
  • Remember were the Nats stood a year ago. They were 3-0! Remember were they finished!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nats' Notes 4.08.09

Today's Nats Notes:

  • Josh Willingham had a close door meeting with acting GM Mike Rizzo about playing time.
  • Old news, but good news is that the the Nationals are offering every DC's high school student a ticket to an Nats' game.
  • The Nationals invited each of the twelve D.C's high school baseball teams to hold one two hour practice at Nationals' Park.
  • The Nationals name the DC's public high schools athletic department as the recipient of the 2009 Baseball Equipment Drive with the Baseball Tomorrow Fund.

Thanks to Bill Ladson's Blog

The Nats get sweeped by Flordia, 6-4.

The Marlins were using thier brooms today in a sweep against the Nats. The Marlins finish off the Nats, 6-4. The Nats had a strong start by scoring two runs in the 1st and a strong finish by scoring a run in each of the last two innings! But the Fishes had a better middle by scoring six runs!

Daniel Cabrea did eat up six innings for the Nationals, but gave up five runs. Mike Hinckley struggled by giving up a run without recording an out. Saul Rivera and Joe Beimel finished up the game in the last two innings without giving up a run.

The Nats offense had five different players who recorded a hit. Austin Kearns, Adam Dunn and Alberto Gonzalez each had an RBI.

Today's box score is the following:

The Nats dropped to 0-3 and last place in the National League East.

The Nats next game is Friday against the Braves in Atlanta. The game starts at 7:30pm. Shairon Martis will face the Braves' Derek Lowe.

Nats' Nuggets 4.08.09

I have more thoughts:

  • I love listening to Rob Dibble. He is no nosense, entertaining and informative. He believes that the Nats' pitchers need to control the inside of the plate to get respect from the Marlins' hitters.
  • Cristen Guzman had a terrible spring, but it seems like it did not bother him. He hitting the ball very well in the first two games.
  • It is good to have Nick Johnson back. An excellent day at the plate yesterday.
  • Ryan Zimmerman's glove is amazing! But don't we wish he would settle down on his throws?
  • Julian Tavarez is a character! It will be interesting to watch him this year. He is very animated while he is pitching. The shot of him watching the Nats' first double play of the year was very entertaining!
  • Rick Eckstein seems to be working wonders for Austin Kearns.

Nats Notes 4.8.09

The Nats made the following move:

  • Gustavo Chacin was release because he could not make the starting rotation in Triple A. The Philadelphia Phillies sign him.

The Fish pound the Nats again, 8-3.

The Marlins scored early and often very the Nats yesterday. The Nats gave up all eight runs in the first three inning in their 8-3 lost to the Marlins.

Scott Olsen had a terrible outing against his former mates. He gave up two homers in the rout. The good news about the Nats pitching was their bullpen. The Nats' pen of Julian Tavarez, Joe Beimel and Joel Hanrahan shut down the Marlins in the last five inning.

The Nats actual out hit the Marlins elven to nine in the game lead by Nick Johnson and Cristin Guzman who each had three hits apiece. Austin Kearns hit a two run homer in the eight and Guzman had an RBI hit in the ninth. The Nat left nine men on base

Yesterday's box score is the following:

The Nats drop to 0-2 and last place in the National League East.

The Nats next game is today versus the same Florida Marlins in Miami. The get away game is an early start of 12:10 pm. Daniel Cabrera will face Chris Volstad.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nats' Nuggets

Hello Nats fans here are some thoughts I like to express so far:
  • The season is not OVER! We have 161 more games to go. Heck, we can still win the series.
  • Hanley Ramirez is a beast. I bet he wishes he could play the names for 162 games!
  • Adam Dunn is here for his bat and not his glove. He displayed both yesterday.
  • The Nats can score runs! What a great site!
  • Please give our team two weeks before we see what the pitching can do!
  • Two big keys for the Nats. 1) Do we give the other teams extra outs 2) How do we do with two outs with men in scoring positions!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Marlins slam Nats, 12-6.

The pitchers of John Lannan, Julian Tavarez, Wil Ledezma and Steven Shell gave up the twelve runs in 7 innings. Mike Hinckley was the only pitcher that did not give up a run in his one inning of work.

The Nats' offense was lead by Adam Dunn. He had four RBI with a double and a 3-run homer. Cristen Guzman and Jesus Flores also had two hits. Austin Kearns and Flores both had RBI hits.

Today's box score is the following:

The Nats fall to 0-1 in the National League East.

The Nats next game is tomorrow versus the Marlins in Miami. The game starts at 7:10pm. Scott Olsen will go for the Nats against the Marlins' Josh Johnson.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Favorite Website for the Nats!

I started blogging in December of 2008 and through that time I found some sites very helpful following our beloved Nationals.

My Favorite Five are the following:

1) Nationals Pride: It is the most comprehensive site for Nats Fans! It has everything! The set up is incredible! There are many contributors to this awesome site. Nats9 is mention in Natomosphere!

2) Washington Post's Nationals Journal is the most updated information on the Nats. Chico Harlan does a great job! I love his work!

3) Nats320. Screech's Best Friend has unique insight on following the Nats. He takes incredible pictures for his website. Personally, when I started my own blog I molded my page after his page. Nats' Fan this is a must see site!

4) Federal Baseball. A very good page for Nats' fans and is very similar to Nationals Pride. It has a great wealth of information for Nats' fan. The site has a huge following. The site is considered the unoffical site of the Washington Nationals.

5) The Nats' Blog. The update blog is very well done. The site has a deal of information for Nats' fan. The site is also in a network with fellow bloggers of the NL East. I will continue checking out this page.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nats closes out the Spring with a 5-4 win over the Orioles.

The Nats closed out the Spring with a 5-4 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. The Nats offense was lead by Josh Willingham five RBI. He hit a grand slam in the first and a ground out RBI in 7th. Shairon Martis pitched six innings and gave up three runs. Mike Hinckley blew his first save in the 7th, but gain the victory. Joel Hanrahan got his second save of the spring.

Today's box score is the following:

The Nats finish Grapefruit League play at 15-17-2 and 16-17-2 overall.

The Nats start the season on Monday, April 6 in Miami versus the Flordia Marlins. The game starts at 4:10pm. The game will be on MASN!


Nats' Notes 4.4.09

The following is the Nats' Notes for today:

  • Austin Kearns is looking like the starting RF. He beats out Elijah Dukes for the position.
  • Jesus Colome was sent to the minors. He cannot come back to the Majors until May 15th.
  • Jason Bergmann was sent down to the minor due to his option that he could be sent down.
  • Garrett Mock will go to the Minors as a closer.

The 25 man roster is locked and ready!

Chico Harlan from the Washington Post informed the Nats fans the 25 man roster is all set!

The team is the following:

Pitching Rotation
LHP John Lannan
LHP Scott Olsen
RHP Daniel Cabrera
RHP Shairon Martis

Ronnie Belliard
Alberto Gonzalez
Cristian Guzman
Willie Harris
Nick Johnson
Ryan Zimmerman

LHP Joe Beimel
RHP Joel Hanrahan
LHP Mike Hinckley
LHP Wil Ledezma
RHP Saul Rivera
RHP Steven Shell
RHP Julian Tavarez

Elijah Dukes
Adam Dunn
Austin Kearns
Lastings Milledge
Josh Willingham

Josh Bard
Jesus Flores
Wil Nieves

I say bring on the Marlins!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nats' Notes 4.3.09

Today's Nats for today is the following:

  • Mike O'Connor and Kory Casto cleared waivers and were sent to Triple A.
  • Terrell Young was put on the 15 day DL

More Days Games Please on Saturdays!!

The Nats' fans spoke and said more Saturday day game please! Ninety percent of the fans said So! Landslide baby! Mr. Kasten are you listening?

Orioles beat the Nats, 6-3.

The Orioles got the best of the Nats in Norfolk, Va, 6-3. The Nats' offense was lead by Ryan Zimmerman and Lasting Milledge who both homer. It was Zimmerman third homer in two days. Zimmerman ended up with two RBI.

Daniel Cabrera pitched 7 and 2/3 innings. Cabrera outing was his first in ten days since his neck spasms. Beimel pitched in back to back games for the first time this spring.

Today's box score is the following:

The Nats dropped to 14-17-2 in Grapefruit League play and 15-17-2 overall.

The Nats next game is tomorrow versus the Orioles again at Nationals Park. The game is at 6:05pm. Tomorrow game is the last of the spring. Get ready for Monday in Miami! BABY!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nats' Notes 4.2.09

Today's Nats' Notes are the following:

  • Alex Cintron is going to Triple A
  • The Nats will either keep a third catcher or Kory Casto. Mr. Casto is this the end?
  • Dmitri Young is going to start the season on the 15 day DL.
  • Jorge Sosa is going to start in extended spring training with his visa finally being cleared.

Nats out blast the Phillies, 12-10.

The Nats out scored the Phillies by a score of 12-10. The Nats hit five homeruns today. The Nats who homer were Ryan Zimmerman( two homers), Austin Kearns, Cristin Guzman, and Alex Citron. Zimmerman and Guzman both had three hits and three RBI.

Scott Olsen had a very tough outing. He pitched six innings but gave up nine runs which four were earned. Joe Biemel pick up the victory even thou he blew a save. Garrett Mock picked up his second save of the spring.

The today’s box score is the following:

The Nats improved their Grapefruit League record to 14-16-2 record and are 15-16-2 overall.

The Nats next exhibition game is tomorrow versus the Baltimore Orioles in Norfolk, Va. The game starts at 3:30pm

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nats' Notes 4.1.09

I have a new segment called Nats Notes. Anything I think that is important will be called Nats' Notes.

The following is for 4.1.09

  • Anderson Hernandez will start on the 15 day DL list due to his hammy. Alberto Gonzalez will make the opening day roster.
  • Wily Mo Pena is officially a free agent when he decline his reassignment to Syracuse.
  • Gary Glover was reassigned to Minor League Camp.
  • The current big league roster number is now at 34 with Pena and Glover removed.
  • The right field job is between Elijah Dukes and Austin Kearns.
  • Josh Bard has John Lannan and Scott Olsen endorsements on doing a good job catching since coming to the Nats.

Nats late surge come up short in a 7-6 lost to Blue Jays.

The Nats had a furious rally that came up short against the Blue Jays in Dunedin, Fla. The Nats down 7-2 in the ninth inning but scored four runs to close the game to 7-6. Unfortunately that is how the game ended in a 7-6 lose. The Nats' offense was lead by Josh Bard's two doubles and Stephen King's two RBI. John Lannan had a very rough outing. He pitched four and 2/3 innings and gave up seven runs.

Today's box scored is the following:

The Nats drop to 13-16-2 in Grapefruit League play and 14-16-2 overall.

The next game is tomorrow versus the Philadelphia Phillies at Clearwater, Fla. The game is at 1:05pm.