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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moving on UP!

Drew Storen is doing the fast track to the Majors. He was promoted from Double A to Triple A today! Good Luck Drew! Hope to see you soon in Washington!

Effective and Efficient! Nats Top Cubs, 3-2

The Nats got the most out of their hitting and pitching yesterday. The Nats scored only 3 runs on 4 hits. The pitching was good enough with a gutsy performance by Luis Atilano with an efficient bullpen to put the Nats two games above 500.


Atilano pitched 6 tough innings while giving up two runs. It was Atilano second victory of the year in as many tries. Brian Brueny, Tyler Clifford and Matt Capps all posted one inning of shut out relief. Brueny and Clifford picked up holds while Capps notched his 10th save of the year.


The Nats got 3 runs on four hits. Adam Kennedy and Adam Dunn both homered in the game. Dunn dinger was the difference which was delivered in the four inning.

Box Score:

Bullpen Article!

ESPN's Tim Kurkjian has a nice article on the Nats' Bullpen.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Livo is Just Rollin' Rollin', Nats Tops Cubs, 3-1.

Livan Hernandez just keeps it rolling for the Nats while he pitches another great game. The Nats scored two early and one late to keep the Cubs down.


Hernandez pitched 7 wonderful innings while only giving up one run. Tyler Clifford pitched a scoreless eighth inning to earn his 4 hold of the year. Matt Capps closed the deal by picking up his 9th save of the year by not allowing a run in the 9th inning.


The Nats scored 3 runs on six hits. Ian Desmond led the Nats with two hits and 2 RBI.

Box Score:

Going UP! Going DOWN!

Roger Bernadina is coming to the big club, while Jesse English is going to Triple A. The move is out of necessity for more healthy position players.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cubs Walk on by Nats in Ten, 4-3

The Nats came back from a 3-0 deficit to tied the game in the 8th only to lose on a walk off walk in the 1oth inning by the Cubs, 4-3.


John Lannan pitched a gutsy 6 innings after a rough beginning, but kept his team in the game. Sean Burnett and Tyler Walker combined for a 2 innings of shut out relief. Brian Brueny pitched 1.1 innings before allowing the walk off in the bottom of the tenth inning.


The Nats scored 3 runs on 10 hits. Adam Dunn led the Nats with 3 hits. The Nats did leave eight men on base.

Box Score:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nats post second shut out of the year as they beat Dodgers, 1-0.

The Nats played good defense and had great pitching to make one run stand in a 1-0 victory over the Dodgers. Scott Olsen, Tyler Clippard and Matt Capps all did their job to post the second shut out for the Nats this year. Josh Willingham and Justin Maxwell made two excellent outfield plays to ensure the shut out was intact. Adam Dunn's ground out in the first inning was the only RBI in the game.


Olsen pitched 7 innings of shut out ball as he picked up his 1st victory of the year. Clippard again was in impressive form as he tallied up his 3rd hold of the year by pitching a scoreless 8th inning. Capps notched his 8th save of the year as he closed the door in the 9th inning.


The Nats scored one run on four hits. Nyjer Morgan and Cristen Guzman led the Nats with two hits apiece. Dunn had an RBI.

Box Score:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heartbreak Hotel! Nats lose to the Dodgers, 4-3, in 13 innings.

The Nats did not have timely hitting today sprinkled with poor base running help attributed to a 4-3 lost to the Dodgers in 13 innings. The Nats had many chances today as they left 15 runners on base. Also a base running mistake by Nyjer Morgan in the seventh innings erased a key run for the Nats.


The Nats pitching was good enough to win today. Starter Craig Stammen pitched 7 innings while giving up 3 runs. The relievers of Brian Brueny, and Matt Capps pitched a combined 3 innings of shut out relief. Miguel Batista took the lost as he gave up one run in three innings of work.


The Nats scored 3 runs on 14 hits. Morgan led the Nats with 3 hits.

Box Score:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adam gets it Dunn: Nats beat Dodgers, 5-1.

The Nats had three things going against them last night against the Dodgers at Nationals' Park: rookie starting pitching, bad defense and bad base running. The Nats over came that with solid a rookie performance, timely hitting and the power of Adam Dunn!


Luis Atilano pitched 6 solid innings while only giving up one run. Tyler Clifford and Miguel Batista pitched a combined 3 innings of shut out relief.


The Nats scored 5 runs on six hits. Dunn led the way with two homers and 3 RBI.

Box Score:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mano-a-Mano! Rockies clip Nats, 2-0.

The Colorado Rockies slipped by the Nats by a score of 2-0 yesterday in a great pitching duel of Obaldo Jimenez versus Livan Hernandez. The only runs scored yesterday where two solo homers against Livan Hernandez.


Hernandez pitching 8 innings while only giving up 2 runs as he took his first lost of the year. Brian Brueny pitched a scoreless ninth inning.


The Nats scored no runs on seven hits. Ivan Rodriquez led the Nats with two hits as continues to led the NL in Hitting.

Box Score:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feisty Nats get by Rockies, 6-4

The Nats won a back and forth game at Nationals Park last night. The Nats were down by 3 early and took a one run lead before the Rockies tied the game up. The Nats won in the eighth inning by scoring two runs.


John Lannan pitched a gusty six innings while giving up 4 runs . He was not at his best but kept his team in the game. Tyler Clifford who picked up the victory was very good in 2 innings of shut out relief. Matt Capps picked up his 7th save of the year in the ninth by not allowing a run.


The Nats scored 6 runs on ten hits. Five Nats had 2 hits apiece. Adam Dunn had 2 RBI in the game.

Box Score:

Zimmerman left game in 7th inning.

Ryan Zimmerman left last night game due to feeling in his hamstring. No word on how serious the injury at the moment. Also, no decision has been made on whether he will play today.

Marquis on DL

Jason Marquis was put on the 15 day DL due to "floating bodies" in his elbow. Luis Atilano was called up from Triple AAA.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Interesting Stat!!!I

I find that good teams have good records in close games....

The Nats are 6-1 in games in which the game is decided by 3 runs or less.

The Nats are 1-6 in games in which the game is decided by 4 runs or more.

Matt Capps is 6 for 6 in save chances. I believe that is why we are hovering around 500!!!


Today's Line Ups!

Bill Ladson reports:

Here's Wednesday's lineup: Morgan-CF, Guzman-SS, Zimmerman-3B, Dunn-1B, Willingham-LF, Harris-RF, Kennedy-2B, Nieves-C, Lannan-P

Rockies Bounce Nats, 10-4.

The Nats got rocked for the second time in three games as the Rockies won, 10-4. The pitching fell apart in the 2nd and 3rd innings despite the Nats' offense which scored 4 runs.


Scott Olsen had a tough outing after he performed so well in Philly. He pitched only 2 innings well giving up 6 runs. Tyler Walker have up 4 runs in 3 innings. The rest of the bullpen of Jesse English, Brian Brueny, Sean Burnett and Tyler Clifford pitched shut out relief over the last 4 innings.


The Nats scored 4 runs with twelve its! The Nats were led by Cristen Guzman four hits. Also, Ryan Zimmerman hit his second homer of the year with 2 RBI.

Box Score:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nats top the Rockies, 5-2.

The Nats bounced back from Sunday's lost with a 5-2 win over the Colorado Rockies. The Nats got great pitching backed by early runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings.


Craig Stammen put in a solid eight innings as he only allowed two earned runs. Matt Capps finished the game with his 6tCheck Spellingh save of the year in the ninth inning.


The Nats got 5 runs on eight hits. Nyjer Morgan, Ivan Rodriquez, and Willie Harris all paced the Nats with two hits apiece. Harris hit his second homer of the year with 4 RBI.

Box Score:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Comback Fall Short for Nats against the Brew Crew, 11-7.

The Nats were down 10-0 before they even got a chance to bat. The Nats battle back within 3 runs before falling to the Milwaukee Brewers, 11-7.


Starting pitcher Jason Marquis hit rock bottom yesterday as he gave up seven runs without recording an out. Migquel Batista pitched five innings while giving up 3 runs. Jesse English gave up one run in his one inning of work. Brian Brueny and Tyler Walker had a combine 3 innings of shut out relief.


The Nats scored 7 runs on sixteen hits, but it was not enough for this day. Adam Kennedy and Ivan Rodriquez both had 3 hits a piece to led the Nats. Ryan Zimmerman and Ian Desmond both had 2 RBI.

Box Score:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/18/10 Line Up!

Bill Ladson Reports:

Here's Sunday's lineup: Taveras-CF, Guzman-SS, Zimmerman-3B. Dunn-1B, Willingham-LF, Pudge-C, Maxwell-RF, Kennedy-2B, Marquis-P

Livo Living Large! Nats Shut Out the Brewers, 8-0.

Yesterday's game was all about Livan Hernandez. He pitched a complete game shut out against the Milwaukee Brewers. The Nats offense supplied enough offense for the effective and efficient Hernandez.


Hernandez pitched his eighth career shut out on 112 pitching. He was in total command by living on the corners and changing speeds.


The Nats got 8 runs on ten hits. Cristen Guzman, Ryan Zimmerman, Ian Desmond and Ivan Rodriquez all had two hits apiece. Justin Maxwell had his first homer of the year. Maxwell and Rodriquez both had 3 RBI.

Box Score:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today's Line-Up

Bill Ladson reports today's lineup:

#Nats lineup. Morgan 8, Guzman 4, Zimmerman 5, Dunn 3, Willingham 7, Desmond 6, Rodriguez 2, Maxwell 9, Hernandez 1

Nats gets another 8th inning wonder and tops Brewers, 5-3.

The Nationals came back again in the eighth inning and this time they top the Milwaukee Brewers, 5-3. The Nationals got strong starting pitching and timely hitting to even their record to 5-5.


John Lannan was at his best as he pitched 7 innings while giving up only 2 runs. Brian Brueny gave up an unearned run in his one inning of work, and was credited with the win. Sean Burnett did his specialty as he pitched .1 inning of work and Matt Caps pitched .2 of an inning to get his 5th save of the year.


The Nationals scored 5 runs on 10 hits. Josh Willingham, Adam Kennedy and Wil Nieves each had two hits apiece. Willingham hit his 3rd homer of the year. Kennedy and Nieves had big RBI hits in the Nats big 8th inning.

Box Score:

Friday, April 16, 2010


Did you hear the Ryan Zimmerman's interview with MASN's Debbie Taylor after yesterday game? I SURE DID!!!

Debbie ask Zim about Scott Olsen's performance and Zim answered with Passion. You can tell it in his voice!!! It was FIRE! He was exicted by the gutsy performance that Olsen gave on the mound. It was the most FIRE I ever heard from Zim's voice! EVER!!! I find that to be leadership! I was pumped after the interview.

We are talking about the Zimmerman who is always even keel when he talks. He seemed to be never to high or too low until NOW!!! I lOVED IT!!!

MASN's Bob Carpenter said something interesting too.....
Olsen was removed from the game by Jim Riggleman and some Phillies' fans got on Olsen. Carpenter's said that Zimmerman said something to the those fans!!! Zim sticking up for our boy, Olsen. I love that too!!! Olsen giving some inspiration to Mr. Zimmerman and the Nats!!! BRING IT!!! I love that Passion!!!!

Karma....Maybe! Zimmerman also hit a key two run homer in the Nats' victory over the Phillies! Maybe something is a-brewing in the Nat's clubhouse as the Brewers are coming to town!

Karma? Maybe! Mock on DL.

Garrett Mock was put on the DL due to a injury. I find it very curious after you make excuses on why you cannot due your job and something happens to you. You do your best regardless on what kind of condition you are in and try to adjust to that condition.

I wish Mock a quick recovery, but please just find some mettle.

Nats Comeback Strong Against the Phighting Philies, 7-5.

The Nats were down 4-1 after six innings, but came back big in the last three innings to defeat the Phillies, 7-5. Starter Scott Olsen showed great stuff while Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman hit two key homers in the game.


Olsen was just very good in his return to the Nats. He pitched 5.2 innings while giving up four runs. The bullpen of Tyler Clifford, Sean Burnett and Matt Capps allowed only one run in 3.1 innings of work. Clifford picked up the win as Capps picked up his 4th save of the year.


The Nats scored seven runs on nine hits. Dunn, Ian Desmond and Ivan Rodriquez all had two hits apiece. The Nats big three run inning came in the eighth as they scored on Dunn solo shot and Zimmerman key two run pinch hit homer. But let’s not forget about Rodriquez key two run RBI single in the ninth because it was the difference in the game.

Box Score:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bergmann DFA

Jason Bergmann is designed for assignment. Looks like Mike Rizzo is making a statement. You can either help us or leave us!

4.15.10 Line Up

Bill Ladson reports today's starting line-ups:

Here's Thursday's lineup; Morgan-8, Desmond-6, Guzman-4, Dunn-3, Willingham-7, Rodriguez-2, Maxwell-9, Gonzalez-5, Olsen-1

Lefties vs Righties

Jim Riggleman sent down Roger Bernadina to Triple A for Justin Maxwell for another right hander batter versus the lefties the pitchers that the Nats will be facing in the near future.

Phillies Slam the Nats, 14-7.

The Nats were thumped by the Phillies, 14-7. The Nats scored seven runs in the first three innings, but could not hold down the powerful Philly line up which double up the Nats .

The pitching was terrible in last night game with starter Craig Stammen which only lasted 1.1 innings while giving up seven runs. Relievers Brian Brueny, Sean Burnett, Jason Bergmann and Tyler Clifford gave up 7 seven runs in three innings. Jesse English and Miguel Batista pitched 3.2 of combined shut-out relief.


The Nats offense did get seven runs on ten hits. The Nats had three hitters to get three hits apiece. Adam Kennedy had 3 RBI.

Box Score:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Phillies comeback strong against the Nats, 7-4.

The Nats took an early led against the Phillies in their home opening but could hold the led and lost seven to four.


Jason Marquis started out strong, but wither away as he pitched 4.1 innings and gave up all seven runs which six was earned. Jess English, Tyler Walker, Sean Burnett and Miguel Batista combined for 3.2 innings of shut out relief.


The Nats scored 4 runs on six hits. Cristin Guzman and Ivan Rodriquez both had two hits a piece. Josh Willingham hit his second homer of the year and Jason Marquis got his first two RBI of the season.

Box Score:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Livo paces the Nats over the Mets, 5-2.

Livan Hernandez was great and the offense scored early to led the Nats to a a 5-2 victory over the Mets. It was the first series win for the Nats this year.


Livan Hernandez did a great job by pitching seven scoreless innings. Brian Brueny gave up a two run homer in his 2/3 inning of work and Jason Bergmann struck out the only batter he faced. Matt Capps picked up his 3rd save of the year on a one, two, three ninth inning.


The Nats offense got five runs on seven hits. Nyjer Morgan and Josh Willingham paced the Nats with two hits apiece. Willingham had his first homer of the year plus he had all five RBI. The homer was a first inning grand slam.

Box Score:

Wind of Change!

Livan Hernandez was activated and Garrett Mock was sent way up North. He was also told if he comes back he better not come back with excuses!!

Scott Olsen will be the fifth starter! Congrats Scott! The roster move will be later in the week.

Mike Morse was put on the 15 DL list while Roger Bernadina was called up to replace him.

Ryan Zimmerman is day to day due to his sore left hamstring.

Two Willies and a Tyler Tale! Nats beat Mets, 4-3.

The Nats squeak one pass the Mets 4-3. The Nats won on the strength on Willie Taveras' 4 RBI, Tyler Clifford great 3 innings of relief work and one AMAZING catch by Willie Harris at the end of the game!


John Lannan gutted one out yesterday as he pitched 5 innings while giving up 3 runs. Clifford put on a amazing effort by pitching 3 innings with no runs and 7 strikeouts. Matt Capps finished off the game with his second save with the help from Willie Harris.


The Nats managed to score 4 runs on 5 hits. Taveras led the way with his two hits and 4 RBI.

Box Score:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mets Long Ball the Nats, 8-2.

The Nats had the lead early in the game, but then the Mets hit four home runs as they defeated the Nats, 8-2.

Pitching:It was a terrible performance by the pitching staff. Starter Garrett Mock pitched only 3.1 innning while giving up 2 runs. The bullpen of Miguel Bastisa, Jason Bergmann, Jesse English and Tyler Walker gave 6 runs in 4.2 innings. Batista took the lost.


The Nats' offense only scored two 2 runs on 4 hits. The Nats' were led by Ivan Rodriguez two hits. Also, Ian Desmond had two RBI on a triple.

Box Score:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Nats slip by the Phillies, 6-.5.

The Nats got some solid starting pitching and some timely hitting to beat the defending National League Champs, 6-5.


Craig Stammen gave a solid five innings as he gave up four runs, but did not allow a walk. Sean Burnett did not have a good outing as he pitched .1 inning of work as he gave up two walks and a run. Tyler Clippard, Brian Bruney and Matt Capps all pitched scoreless relief. Clippard blew a save chance, but did get credited with the victory. Capps picked up his first Save of the year.


The Nats were able to score six runs while getting nine hits. The Nats were led by Ryan Zimmerman and Cristen Guzman who both had two hits apiece. Zimmerman had the game winning RBI in the 7th inning. Willie Harris hit his first homer of the year.

Box Score:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Phillies double up the Nats, 8-4.

The Phillies did it again as they doubled up the Nats, 8-4. The Nats were out played once again by the defending National League Champions.

Jason Marquis first game as a Nats was forgettable. He pitched 4 innings and gave up 6 runs. The relief efforts by Tyler Walker, Jesse English Tyler Clippard and Matt Capps gave up 2 runs in five innings. The Nats pitchers gave up 11 hits, but also EIGHT walks! You cannot defend a walk!

The Nats did score 4 runs on ten hits, but it was not enough this night. The Nats were led by Josh Willingham 3 hits. Ian Desmond also added 2 hits including his first homer of the year.

Box Score:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nats lose to the Phillies on Opening Day, 11-1.

The Phillies dominated the Nats from the fourth inning by scoring eleven runs.. The opening day from the Nats point of view was a dud.

John Lannan pitched only 3.2 innings in his start while giving up five runs. The bullpen was even worse. Miguel Batista pitched only 1.2 while giving up 5 runs. Jason Bergmann allowed a grand slam which was credited with only one run in his .1 inning pitched. The bright spots were Jesse English, Brian Bruney and Sean Burnett as they did not give up a run in relief.

The Nats collected nine hits lead by Ivan Rodriquez three hits. Also, Nyjer Morgan also had two hits and Ryan Zimmerman had his first RBI of the season

Box Score:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Opening Day Rosters are Set!

Bill Ladson revealed the opening day roster for the Nats last night.

The most surprising was that Tyler Walker and Jesse English made the club.

Bernadina and Olsen sent down.

Roger Bernadina and Scott Olsen was sent to Triple AAA. Wily Taveras beat out Bernadina for the fourth outfielder job and Garrett Mock beat out Olsen for the fifth starter position on the team.

Good Luck Men. I hope to see you in NatsTown Soon!

Eric Bruntlett and Mike MacDougal was sent to minor league camp.

Red Sox no match for the Nats, 6-1.

The Red Sox was too much for the Nats yesterday as they won 6-1. Craig Stammen rebound from a woeful start as he pitched 5 innings while giving up 3 runs.

The Nats' offense managed six hits, but only scored one run.

Box Score:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Red Sox finish off the Nats, 7-2.

Scott Olsen pitched a great game by pitching five inning while giving up one earn run against the Red Sox starters! Mike MacDougal that had a tough time by giving up six runs in less of an inning.

The Nats offense was limited with five hits by five different Nats getting those hits.

Box Score:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Nats dominate the Mets, 9-3.

Jason Marquis was not at his best, but kept his team in the game. He pitched five innings while giving up three runs. The Nats' offense pounded out 12 hits and led by Josh Willingham two hits and three RBI. He hit his fifth homer of the spring.

Box Score:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nats fly away from the Cardinals, 9-6.

John Lannan was good again as he pitched 5 innings give up only 2 runs which both were unearned. The Nats pounded out nine hits and were led by Cristin Guzman three hits and 2 RBI.

Box Score: