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Monday, January 24, 2011

If I was Jim Riggleman....TODAY!!!

Opening Day January 24, 2011

Versus a Lefty
1. Danny Espinosa 2B- Full time employment
2. Ian Desmond SS- Show who you are!
3 .Ryan Zimmerman 3B- Z-Man!!
4 .Jason Werth RF- Can he handle the PRESSURE?
5 .Adam LaRoche 1B- A decent bat with the ability to be Desmond and Zimmerman’s security
6 .Michael Morse LF- More ABs and more power?
7 .Ivan Rodriguez C– A professional hitter who can still can handle a pitching staff
8 .Nyjer Morgan CF- 2009 version please!
9 .Jordan Zimmermann P- The Time to shine!!!
Versus a Righty
1.Roger Bernadina LF- He shown enough to get plenty of time
2.Ian Desmond SS
3.Ryan Zimmerman 3B
4.Jason Werth RF
5.Adam LaRoche 1B
6.Ivan Rodriguez C
7Danny Espinosa 2B
8.Njyer Morgan CF
9.Jordan Zimmerman P

Michael Morse/Roger Bernadina OF
Rick Ankie OF- Will supplant Nyjer
Alberto Gonzalez INF- Everywhere man
Wilson Ramos C- The future
Jerry Hariston Jr.- The New Willie Harris

Starting Rotation
1. Jordan Zimmerman- The time to shine
2. Livan Hernandez-Ol’ Crafty
3. Jason Marquis-The time to rebound.
4. John Lannan- He will finally shine in this spot
5. Tom Gorzelanny- He got a spot on this rotation!

Todd Coffey- Long/Middle Relief
Craig Stammen- Long/Middle Relief
Doug Slaten-Lefty Specialist
Sean Burnett-Lefty Specialist
Henry Rodriquez-Late Inning relief. Closer?
Tyler Clippard-Late inning relief
Drew Storen- Closer out of camp

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