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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Number 9 Capper!

I was at the Saturday night game as the Nats beatthe Mets,7-1. The Nats were doing their high five line to celebrate the victory. A fellow season ticket holder buddy, Rich, said to me to me , "Who is Number 9?". "I saw a number 9 give a high five and go into the dugout" said Rich. "Isn't your whole blog based on that their isn't a number 9 on the Nats" he continued. OOP! What did I do! I don't know what I know!

Hmmmmm! What did I do? Is their a number 9?

I first though? I never seen a number 9, but why now! Why number 9!?

Who is number 9? I first thought it was the new pitching coach, Steve McCatty. WRONG!

I feel really embarrassed! I have tickets on the first base side and the number 9 has been facing me the whole year! It isn't a player, but a coach. The first base coach, Marquis Grissom. He is number 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can say at least that no new Nat player will wear the number 9 this year! Thanks Rich!

Players who have worn Number 9 for the Nats:
  • 2005 Vinny Castilla
  • 2006 Bernie Castro

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